What Happens When Gonorrhea is Left Untreated

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What Happens When Gonorrhea is Left Untreated- When you think of the STD gonorrhea, you probably think of a disease that exhibits a bunch of undesirable symptoms (like painful, burning urination). So, if you have gonorrhea, you would surely know it, right? Wrong. Gonorrhea can be completely asymptomatic in some; leading them to think they are disease free when they are not. Untreated gonorrhea can lead to some complications that can last your entire life. One big complication is infertility.
What Happens When Gonorrhea is Left Untreated
After contracting gonorrhea, at least 20% of men are known to walk around with the disease exhibiting absolutely no symptoms. In this state, you can unknowingly spread the disease to others. That is why it is imperative if you are s3xually active to be screened for STD’s routinely.

Gonorrhea can be transferred from person to person via anal, oral or vaginal s3x. But, the bacterium can also be present in a person’s nose, throat, or eyes. So, by simply touching any of these infected areas, you can transmit the disease to another person. The most obvious symptoms in men a yellow/green, pus-like discharge and pain with urination. However, blood can also be present in the urine. The tip of the penis may also appear swollen, red, and feverish.

Some women present no symptoms, but if they do have symptoms they can be a yellowish/green discharge with a foul odor. She may find it hurts to urinate as well as suffer from pelvic pain. If left untreated, gonorrhea can permanently scar a woman’s reproductive organs leaving her infertile. Another unwanted hazard to untreated gonorrhea is you can become highly susceptible to an HIV infection.

Over 600,000 gonorrhea infections are reported in the U.S. every year. Some people with gonorrhea probably also have a chlamydia infection. When discovered early, both gonorrhea and chlamydia can be completely cured. So it doesn’t make any sense to wait.

If you think you may be at risk for gonorrhea, do yourself a favor and schedule an STD test. Remember, you may not show any symptoms, but you could still have the disease. In order to steer clear of long-term damage associated with untreated STD’s, make sure you are screened for STD’s at least twice a year.

Think you may have been exposed to gonorrhea? STD testing can tell you even if you aren’t showing any symptoms. Private std testing can be found at a center right near you.

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