Weight Loss Tips for Dummies part 3 (Exercising)

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Putting it all together:

Weight Loss Tips for Dummies part 3 (Exercising), At this time in the journey to losing weight, we have concentrated on getting your head in the right place, developing a food and/or daily plan which hopefully gives you the motivation needed in losing weight or keeping an ideal weight range and living a healthy sustainable life.

The next important part is to tie everything we have done so far into a neat little package with the last remaining component being EXERCISE. Now if you thought sticking to a food plan is HARD, sticking to regular physical activity is even harder. Think of it as reaching the flat spot of a mountain thinking it was the peak only to see more mountain and hills to the pinnacle. AND no don’t think the pinnacle as a strawberry glazed doughnut as a reward because that doughnut is long gone from your diet….Hopefully.

Weight -Loss Tips -for Dummies- part 3 (Exercising)

Remember in my first piece of “Weight Loss Tips For Dummies Part 1”, I said exercise is about 40% important in the overall scheme of things. Well when you get the right balance between diet and exercise the results to stripping the fat and kilos off will become considerably noticeable quickly. As long as you have the right motivation, good goals to aim at and the will power, losing weight and maintaining a healthy size will become second nature and therefore making you happier with yourself and in life generally.

The following steps should ensure the final part of the weight loss program and ties everything you have learnt so far.

1)      When writing these initial articles I think of you as a beginner, novice, someone who their whole life until now has been living under a rock or more appropriately sitting on the couch watching television while eating Pizza Hut. I think of you as someone who wants to change and is WILLING to make the necessary steps to live a healthier life from your current one. The recommendations I give are for you to follow and to continually learn about your body and physical exercise. We are always learning new and exciting things about everything in life.

2)      EXERCISE 3  4 TIMES A WEEK, want me to repeat this EXERCISE 3 – 4 times a week. No I don’t mean walking to the remote control/ TV to change the channel or walking to work from the train station in your suit. If for some magical reason, you leave your house, at least get someone to hide that remote when you return, as it will give some type of physical activity finding the thing.

3)      There is 24 hours in a day and I am sure everyone can fit in at least 30 min to an hour of some type of physical activity throughout the day. If you say, “I have no time blah blah”. Who are you kidding? Me? Grandma? Mum? Dad? Neighbor who sees your fat ass everyday watching TV? You are only kidding yourself if you came up with that excuse.

–         Since I am here to give you advice and recommendations; yes there is 24 hours that equal one day. Pretty amazing right that in a ‘TIME POOR’ society we live in now that everyone seems to have no time for the little things in life such as taking care of oneself.

–         Breaking our day up so we can fit in healthy eating and exercise. Sleep comprises up most of the day with about 8 hours average needed and work equals roughly 10 hours average (including transport time). That leaves a MASSIVE 6 hours of free time and all you need to do is somehow fit 30mins to an hour of physical activity 3-4 times a week. That leaves the remaining 3 days of no exercise or in fitness terms, “Rest days”.

4)      Now the next few steps are getting the specifics of what you can do in terms of exercising and what to concentrate on. Also ill try and put in an example of a weekly plan for exercising. My daily food plans coincides with this and should provide necessary nutrition for recovery and energy levels throughout your day

5)     Figure out if you’re a morning or afternoon or night person as it will give you an indication when the best time your motivation levels would be at its highest and therefore being able to exercise properly. Preferably the best time to exercise is in the morning before breakfast if you are thinking of LOSING FAT FAST and not worried about muscle loss. In the Morning before breakfast when exercising, maintaining a high heat beat or BPM (Beats per Minute) should ensure you are burning the fat off straight away as there is no food or energy to burn off. This works and I use it quite often when I need to loss weight and fat in a short space of time.

Warning: By doing this tip and exercising in the morning, it will make you hungrier then usual, so try to refrain yourself from gorging out like it was the last supper.

6)      Ideally we want to exercise 5-6 times a week and one day of rest because weight training with cardio gives the best chance to rapidly lose weight while being leaner and stronger. However at this moment in time we will stick with my recommended 3-4 times a week and mainly stick with cardio exercises.

7)      WALKING or jogging is probably the easiest and cheapest form of cardio exercise someone could do. All you need is a proper set of sneakers and plan where you are running or jogging to. Since I assume your fitness level is non existent and your fitness age is probably equivalent of a 75 year old. Walking a fast pace for approximately 15-20 mins at the start of weight loss program should be sufficient to get your heart rate up and burning calories. Proper jogging technique is shown in this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BJm4zQJVbrY

8)      CYCLING is another easy form of cardio exercise. But you might need a gym member ship or own a bike to do this exercise. Cycling is easy, a great workout and is easy on the knees as your not putting your body weight on it.

9)      ROWING is great for toning your muscles such as abdominals, arms, back and legs. Good for strength work and cardio work as you are exerting a lot of energy in a short period of time. A gym or machine is needed to do this exercise and technique is important when rowing. Concentrate on the contraction of your abs and back while rowing.

10)      PUSH UPS, SIT UPS, CHIN UPS, NORMAL LEG SQUATS (Body Strength Exercises); these exercises are great when in conjunction with cardio exercises as they improve strength and takes up a lot of energy to do them. Helps in the process of losing weight rapidly while toning/ sculpting your body. Try to fit at least 2 of these exercises a week.

–         Push ups: If you can’t do a normal push up at the start, use your knees instead of feet to do a normal push up. Try to keep your arms at shoulder width to the ground and do as many as you can do for now. Try squeezing your pecs together or concentrate on chest muscle contracting

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–   Sit ups: Lie on the floor, keep legs together and feet planted on the ground. Lightly put your hands behind your head (don’t put any pressure on neck) and try to contract your ab muscles when doing a sit up. Do as many as you can for now

–  Chin ups: is a bit advanced and only do it when strong enough. If you go to gym they might have an assisted chin up machine. Use this as it will make chin ups easier

–   Leg Squats: Concentrate on keeping abs tight and you’re back straight. Then use your legs to go down in a squat position (position when taking a dump). Do as many as you can for the time being. Tip; use a wall to keep back straight or push arms out in front of you when squatting.

11)      The BEST form of cardio exercise that will ensure weight and fat loss efficiently is SWIMMING. It is the best form because it works not just your legs but your whole body works together. SWIMMING improves your lung capacity and breathing making you a healthier and fitter person. Also if you a heavy set person SWIMMING puts less stress on your precious knees. Imagine how your knees feel when every time you walk into a room it feels like an earthquake might come after those tremors your feet are making. Your knees are very important part of your body since it carries your whole body weight.  However SWIMMING involves a pool and the ability to be able to swim; which most people either don’t have access to a pool or being able to swim properly

12)      The KEY to losing weight and having a healthy active lifestyle is constantly IMPROVING and PUSHING yourself when you exercise. The journey is an ongoing process of learning your body and mind with what works and doesn’t work for you. Initially the exercises will be introductory as I assume your physical activity levels are somewhat, NON existent. When you start getting use to the exercises and physical activity, we will go deeper in our journey of losing enough weight that will get you on the right track and taking you off the ‘At RISK’ weight range.

–         the following table is a recommended training program to help you get started:Week 1Week 2Week 3Week 4Monday

                Walk – 20 mins

                Cycle – 25 mins





                Body Strength

                Cycle – 35minsWednesday

                Cycle – 20mins

                Body Strength

                Walk – 35mins





                Body StrengthFriday

                Jog – 20mins

                Jog – 25mins

                Cycle – 30mins

                Jog – 35minsSaturday

                Body strength





                Walk – 30mins

                Jog – 30mins

                Walk – 40mins

NOTE: it is very important to always try and improve from the next week. Also change up exercises is important as you want your body to never be comfortable with your routines. This will greatly improve weight loss results and further help you achieve a healthier lifestyle.

Weight Loss Tips for Dummies part 3 (Exercising), –  Important considerations to take when trying to lose weight is: If the following few weeks, you don’t see much change and you are following my recommendations. Don’t try and worry/ stress too much because the results will show up soon. It takes time to see noticeable results and depends on your body composition, genetics and other factors.

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