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Weight Loss Foods and fact – There are many weight loss foods that we can eat to help aid with weight loss. Even though it’s possible to choose from different types such as canned or frozen foods you need to find the best kind that works for you. So pretty much you’re not looking for a diet but a new lifestyle in which the foods you eat can keep you going and are healthy for you and nutritional. Always remember that low calorie diets do not work and only create temporary weight loss so do not go chasing after them.

Weight Loss- Foods and- fact

Weight loss foods for long term results

Vegetables such as:

– Lettuce-Spinach -Chard-            Kale-      Collard greens

Are great for aiding weight loss as they are not only low in calories (meaning you can eat a fair amount without having to worry) but they also provide you with nutrients like calcium and vitamins that help keep you and your body healthy.

Weight Loss Foods and fact , Weight-loss and Nutrition Myths and Weight Loss Food Facts Sheet

Whole grain foods such as:

-Whole grain bread -Brown rice -Whole wheat pasta

These foods are a pure source of energy. They help fill you up to prevent you from snacking in between meals and are full of fibre to help get rid of any unwanted substances in your system. Remember that your body and brain need the best energy they can get to function properly and the whole grain foods above are the best source of energy.

Fruits such as:

Mangos -Grapes -Cherries -Oranges -Bananas -Apples

Although fruits are high in sugar, believe it or not this sugar is good sugar which your body does not turn into unwanted body fat. Not only does this sugar provide you with a great energy source for your body but these fruits also prevent you from feeling deprived of food and therefore stop you snacking and consuming unnecessary calories.

That’s all I have for you for now but you need to remember that you need to discover what kind of foods work for you. Experiment and do your research on what you eat so you can determine what foods you can eat (at the correct amount) to help you with your weight loss. Good luck!


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