Traditional Chinese Herbs That Treat Acne A Brief Overview

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Traditional Chinese Herbs That Treat Acne  A Brief Overview- For thousands of years, people have had the unfortunate predicament of having to deal with skin irritations. It lowers self-esteem, is oftentimes painful, and a great deal of the time there seems to be no way to cure it. However, in other countries, the people have found clever ways to deal with, and often salve, some of our most niggling health problems. Here, many important traditional Chinese herbs that treat acne will be pointed out.
Traditional Chinese Herbs That Treat Acne A Brief OverviewFirst of all, some may be curious to know what exactly herbal medicine is. Simply said, it has three main purposes. The first is to help in the consolidation or basic distribution of fluids inside the human body. Second, it’s also good for supplementing or strengthening the body. Lastly, it’s purpose to rid the body of dangerous toxins.

Herbal simply is an alternative to synthetic or systemic medications and pills which can otherwise produce harmful side effects. The gentle touch of herbs from the ancient Chinese are among the most effective, pure and simple means available. It does not cost very much, and usually one can see an improvement in the skin after several months. It certainly is not an instant cure, but over time the efforts of the herbal remedies will begin to show.

The ancient Chinese were generally convinced that diseases of any kind were caused by either wind, heat, cold, dampness or fire. An irritation of the skin which occurs as an allergic reaction, hormonal influence or over-active oil glands, was thought to be caused by heat. In those times, too much heat was considered to be an imbalance of Yang, in this case, too much Yang. Their remedies from problems like these are traditional for many of those who seek to cure their problems in a more natural way.

Yellow Dock is an herb known for treating adverse skin conditions. It purifies the blood and detoxifies the liver. The skin is a reflection of our liver’s health, so a healthy liver will provide for a healthier glow. Dandelion will do much the same thing, as it also functions as a blood cleanser and a stimulant for the liver.

Chamomile is often used in the form of tea. It functions as an herb that is known for relieving inflammation. Since irritation of our skin is inflammation, this is a great counter to combat that effect. It also aids in cellular regeneration, a vital component of restoring the skin tissue and avoiding any unwanted scarring. Chaste Tree Berry is used in the stimulation of the pituitary gland. This gland regulates growth as well as balance, but also controls the amount of oil that the skin produces. An over-excess of oil will cause redness, itchiness, and irritation in general. Getting this under control will help appearances in a big way.

Honeysuckle is a detoxifier of the human body as a whole. It accomplishes this end by causing perspiration. Toxins then escape through pores our skin. It is for this reason that sometimes health experts recommend hearty exercise to aid in lessening the effects of acne. Sweating clears the exterior layer of the human body. Chaste Tree Berry stimulates the pituitary gland. This controls oil production, as well as many other functions. Less oil means less skin irritation. In this way it helps the health of the epidermis layer.

Lastly, there are a few more herbs that are helpful to know about. First, there is Dandelion, a blood cleanser and stimulant for the liver. Milk Thistle is an anti-inflammatory and also detoxes the liver. Honeysuckle detoxifies the body as a whole by causing perspiration, a way for unwanted toxins to escape circulation in your system. Perhaps among the most common herbs used today is in the form of Green Tea, which is made from leaves of a plant called Camellia Sinensis. It too is an anti-inflammatory. When taken faithfully over the period of six to twelve months, it helps to remove acne scarring by promoting cellular regeneration. It’s also important to note that it will be even more effective if the tea is in decaffeinated form.

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