Top 16 Best Natural Tips to Reduce Uric Acid Level Naturally

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Top 16 Best Natural Tips to Reduce Uric Acid Level Naturally- High Level of Uric Acid is called Hyperuricemia. Normal uric acid levels in the our body should be in between 3.6mg/dL to 8.6mg/dL. More than  this level in blood and urine can be the cause of Gout or kidney stones. Potassium rich foods can lower the high level of uric acid and Protein  rich food or foods high in Purine can increase in uric acid level. You  will lose weight rapidly.Causes of high Uric Acid Hereditary Dieting or Fasting to lose weight More intake of Alcohol Some MedicationTable Sugar or more intake of sweet beverages

Top 16 Best Natural Tips to Reduce Uric Acid Level Naturally

More intake of Purine16 Best Natural Tips for Treating Gout and Uric Acid

1.Cut  a potato into pieces in a glass of water and leave it overnight. Next  morning filter this water and drink it. Or take 1 Raw Potato Juice and  drink this juice daily for the treatment of gout and uric acid.

2.  Mix 2 tablespoons Apple cider vinegar, 2 tablespoons honey in a glass of water and drink it daily.

3. Use of Kelp (sea grass) daily very much effective to treat gout and uric acid.

4.Mix 2-3 pinch of Saffron in a glass of Milk and drink it daily. Very much effective remedy to lower the level of uric acid.

5.Daily eats Sweet Corn (Bhutta) to decrease the level of uric acid.

6. Add 4-5 pinches of Black pepper in a cup of Grape juice, use it twice a day.

7. Daily cut a Guava and spread Honey over it and place it for 10-15 minutes then eat it.

8.Boil Carom Seeds and Fenugreek Seeds in water and use this water with your every meal or thrice a day.

9.Grind peel of Apple in Fresh Goat Milk and drink it daily.

10.  Juice of Beetroot or salad of beetroot is very much effective for gout.

11. Bake Sweet Potatoes in oven for 8-10 minutes. Cut into pieces after  peeling it and sprinkle Lemon juice over it. Very effective to decrease  uric acid level and gout pain.

12.  Daily take 1 cup yogurt with an empty stomach early in the morning should lower the uric acid level.

13.  Daily use Lemon Juice in a glass of water to reduce the uric acid level.
14.  Pineapple juice with Cherry juice are good to treat gout pain.
15. Apple and Banana Milkshake also lowers uric acid. Or pure fresh apple
juice very useful to treat gout and daily add banana in your diet.
16.Make a paste with 3-4 tablespoons Flax seeds and 3-4 tablespoon wooden Coal  (koayla) powder with lukewarm water. Apply this paste on effected joint  and band it with a cotton cloth piece. Leave it for overnight and remove next morning. Wash with normal water. The best remedy to reduce uric
acid and joints pain effectively.

What to Avoid Red meat, seafood, organ meats are high in purines. Refined carbohydrates  and vegetables such as asparagus, spinach, green peas, brinjal,  Mmushrooms and cauliflower, alcohol, salt cooked in food and whole  grains,  salted nuts, biscuits, pickles, chutneys should also be

What to Add  Foods  high in potassium can be found in dark fishes like salmon, clams,  mackerel, sardines, trout tuna, bananas, pineapple, mangoes, papaya,  raisins, cherries, strawberries, blueberry, orange, pears and prunes,  asparagus, mushrooms, avocado, potato  and sweet potatoes. Drink at
least 2 liters boiled water daily.

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