The truth about breastfeeding and weight loss

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The truth about breastfeeding and weight loss, One of the most wonderful experiences a parent can have is that she feels while breastfeeding her baby. Not only does it create a special bond between mother and baby, but it is also very healthy for both. Not only is it good for the baby, breastfeeding, but can also help mother to return pre-pregnancy weight.

 Breastfeeding and weight loss go hand in hand. As the mother does not eat too much and as long as she gets some exercise, she will lose weight. Breastfeeding burns 600 calories a day. This is true, if it does not use supplements. The nice part about this is that the fat stored around the hips, buttocks and lower body is the first to be reduced.

The- truth about- breastfeeding and -weight loss

Breastfeeding moms should make sure you consume well balanced meals and drink lots of plain water. Exercise is preferred, although not strenuous exercise. You can find studies which were made fitness system for adults in the University of Indiana, Bloomington one, indicating the reasons for exercise and increased lactic acid in breast milk after exercise.

 They also argue that high levels of lactic acid creates a bitter taste that is rejected by many babies. Well, they failed to mention that the year has passed the stage of exhaustion, and they offered the bottle instead of just letting them nurse 30 minutes after exercise. Contrary to these reports, regular exercise normal, including aerobics, dance and even jogging, caused no detectable increase in lactic acid during the tests. It is also said that women who exercise produce more milk than mothers who did not breastfeed their babies.

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 Before starting an exercise program, you should always consult your physician, especially after you have given birth. Exercise is generally not recommended until 4-6 weeks after birth. Always wear a bra and comfortable, to help support your growing needs. It is a good idea to feed your baby right before you leave home. This will not only keep the baby happy during your absence, but it will reduce the weight, you must do while jogging, dancing or walking.

 The truth about breastfeeding and weight loss, It is possible to lose more weight during lactation. With 600 being the number of calories burned in a single day average of breastfeeding, it is best if you take it slow, and do not forget to hydrate and nourish your body nutritious meals. Breastfeeding is good for you and your baby.

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