The Many Different Types Of Diabetes

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The Many Different Types Of Diabetes, Having  diabetes is not fun. It is a horrendous disease that now affects so many  people and the numbers keep increasing every year. Many people may not  realize, however, that there are many different types of diabetes. It is  important to know the differences between them, they are not all the  same.

The Many -Different -Types Of- Diabetes

The first is called type

1. This is an auto immune disease.

 The body’s own immune system actually destroys insulin producing beta  cells in the pancreas. It is also called juvenile onset diabetes. Around  12% of all diagnosed cases of this disease have this type. Those that  have this are insulin dependent. They have to inject insulin during the  day and be very careful about what they eat.

Another type is  called type 2. Those that have this are not dependent on insulin and it  is also the most common type. In fact, most people that have this  disease have type 2. Most people get this as adults and usually it is  caused from their lifestyle like weighing too much, high blood pressure  or just eating a poor diet. This can be extremely dangerous to have and  needs to be treated right away.

Another type is called gestational  diabetes mellitus and it is developed during pregnancy. Those that  develop this have a higher risk of developing type 2 diabetes. Most  women return to normal after the birth of their baby.

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Some  patients find out that they actually have pre-diabetes which is when  their blood glucose levels are much higher than normal but they are not  actually high enough to be considered type 2. When this diagnosis is  first given, the patient must change their diet immediately and begin a  healthier lifestyle.

Sort 2 needs an entire change in lifestyle. They make better food options and need to keep an active lifestyle. Not many will really need insulin shots but the patient wants to be diligent about taking them each time when they have been prescribed. Consistency is essential. It’s going to keep the body balanced.

There are some cases where patients will be diagnosed  with type 2 as an adult when all along they were type 1. This is  considered a misdiagnosis and mainly happens with adults. Their bodies  need insulin shots in order to maintain moderate glucose levels and  remain healthy. This is called Latent autoimmune-diabetes. The name is  really just given because of the age of the person when they are first  diagnosed.

The Many Different Types Of Diabetes, For many, not being able to ingest carbohydrates and  sugar sounds scary. The truth is, if you learn all that you can about it  and get help from a physician, it does not have to be so scary. In  fact, you can live a normal, healthy life if you take the right  precautions and do just what your doctor suggests.

The right  amount of insulin can help many people. Eating right and exercising can  also be very beneficial. Having a plan in order to combat this disease  is important. Keeping all of your doctor visits really does help and  sticking with a proper diet.

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