The Diet Solution Program: Stop Dieting, Start Eating and Start Living , My Review

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The Diet Solution Program: Stop Dieting, Start Eating and Start Living , My Review- All of us know that disrupting our metabolism while depriving ourselves of food is by no means easy to maintain. Anyone who has tried on dieting has probably went through the pain of losing weight for a short period of time only to fell off the wagon due to sickness or just plain hunger!.
The Diet Solution Program: Stop Dieting, Start Eating and Start Living
Most nutritionist warns that if you aim for unrealistic goals you’ll most likely to fail. Food deprivation and outrageous over the top exercise can only lead to food cravings.

Adding to that are fad diet guides that tell dieters to reduce or necessarily remove one of the primary groups – fats, proteins, and carbohydrates. While it is true that these diets can reduce weight, it can also affect your body’s metabolism and nutritional needs leading to stress, fatigue and hunger. Losing weight should make you feel good, not make you sick.

Thus, it is always a welcome news when someone introduces a diet plan which focuses on lifestyle change and nutritional value. Isabel De Los Rios’ “The Diet Solution Program” may have done just that.

In this latest book, she has managed to incorporate her background as a sports nutritionist and her knowledge in physiology to create an easy-to-follow and practical natural weight loss plan that actually makes sense.

The main idea of the book is that with the right kinds of food and following a delightful way of eating that satisfy your hunger, you can reach and maintain an ideal healthy weight. You can eat a generous amount of food at the same time lose weight. While this may seem impossible to most people with all the unhealthy junk food, and false advertising out in the world today, you can achieve this by arming yourself with the correct information. This book may provide just that.

This 180-page information-packed ebook provides a complete guide that transforms your views about food, how metabolism works, and the basic preparation you need to lose weight the natural way. The guide also gives inspiration and nutrition information as well as instructions for menus and journal templates.

Isabel De Los Rios divided the book into 3 parts. First, she describes the 3 steps to weight loss, the concept of metabolic typing and the steps in planning your meals to achieve the optimum results for your diet needs. Next, she discusses in detail about good food vs. bad food – what should be eaten and what should be avoided. Also included are the recommended good foods recipes. Lastly, she provided the tools you need as you go along with your diet such as the charts for glycemic index and food quantity, the journal templates and the daily menus.

I guess the only (small) drawback to this guide is not much was devoted to lifestyle adjustments, whether at work or on the road, that one can make to maximize the results.

Over-all, this diet guide is a good read and I higly recommend it – it is focused, practical and full of information. But then again, as with all other diet plans, the best diet is going to be one that you can stick to and one you are happy with, not to mention one that you can maintain for a lifetime. Always remember . . .Nothing works until you follow it up with ACTION.

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