Symptoms Of Diabetes Type 1 and 2 Are Very Similar

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Symptoms Of Diabetes Type 1 and 2 Are Very Similar- Thinking of getting diabetes is likely more dreaded than getting a tax audit, but is more easy to live through. Tax audits can come without warning, but the necessity to visit the er is preceded by symptoms of both forms of diabetes. If ignored, diabetes in either form doesn’t go away; it will kill you and just gets worse over time. But with an early discovery of diabetes and diet shifts, you’ll have a long and quality life.

Symptoms-Of- Diabetes -Type 1 and 2 Are Very Similar

If you are a caretaker of a child or an elderly person, you also need to know the early symptoms of diabetes because your charge will not think anything of it.  Please see the doctor when in any doubt and do not use this article as a substitute for a doctor’s advice.  The sooner the symptoms of diabetes are dealt with, the sooner you or your charges can get back to feeling normal again (maybe even better than normal).

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Are You Gonna Be In There All Day?

One of the top type of warning symptoms for diabetes would be increased thirst which will also make you want to urinate much more often.  Diabetes throws the blood sugar and the kidneys out of whack, so they go into warp drive, keeping the bladder constantly filled.  You can actually be in danger of dehydration, even if you are constantly drinking, because the kidneys have to pull water out of your body in order to try and lower glucose levels.

I Rested All Day And I’m Still Tired

Another of the symptoms of diabetes to pay attention to is feeling tired all of the time for no apparent reason.The body uses up much of your energy and strength just trying to deal with all the excess blood sugar in your body.  Insulin is the stuff the body needs to bring glucose to cells.  If there isn’t enough insulin, then the cells can’t get the energy they need to keep on going.  This in turn makes a diabetic feel constantly wiped out.

Are My Hands Still Asleep?

Tingling or numbness in your limbs – especially hands and feet – is one of the biggest symptoms of diabetes that cannot be ignored.  Everyone gets some tingling when they stay too long in one position or sleep funny, but all the buzzing and tingles should stop after a few minutes of moving around.When your body has problems getting your cells all the energy required, it just prioritizes.  Inner organs get the major blood flow and the limbs get shafted.

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