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Solve Your Body Concerns With Natural Health Beauty- With the variety of tooth whitening products available today, it is now  easier and more accessible than ever. Whitening your teeth can come in  the form of toothpaste, over the counter whitening strips, take home  bleaching trays from your dentist, and in office bleaching. It is  important to find out which method is appropriate and best suited for  you.
Solve Your Body Concerns With Natural Health Beauty
The first step before whitening your teeth should include an exam and cleaning at your dental office. For best results, surface staining and heavy build-up should be removed  from your teeth to ensure a clean slate to allow proper penetration of  the whitening solution. It is also important that your dentist determine  if you are a good candidate for whitening. An individual with a large  amount of decay or active periodontal disease will want to address these  areas before beginning whitening therapy. How often you should whiten  is something that should be determined by you and your dentist.

It  is important to understand that when whitening teeth, only natural  teeth and tooth structure can be whitened. Due to this, not everyone is a  good candidate for whitening. Crowns and Veneers which are constructed  from a variety of materials from porcelain to gold, will not be altered  by the whitening gel. Tooth colored fillings are also restorations that  will remain the original shade after whitening is completed. This is  most applicable when addressing the esthetics in the front of the mouth.

Individuals  that typically have sensitivity to hot and cold temperatures in their  mouth should be aware that whitening may have the effect of heightened  sensitivity for a prolonged period of time that can last anywhere from a  week to a month. It is also of importance to note that teeth that  present with a hue of gray to dark brown, or patients that had a history  of tetracycline use may not achieve their desired result. In these  cases the shade will improve, but the degree of improvement varies.

Now  that we have determined that you are a good candidate for whitening, it  is time to decide which method is best suited for you. Toothpastes are  the least expensive method, but require the longest period of time to  improve tooth shade and often are not as effective at achieving the  whitest smile possible. Over the counter whitening strips are another  available method. Whitening strips can improve the shade a reasonable  amount but typically only cover the front teeth and are not customized  to fit your smile.

Individuals with rotated or malpositioned teeth will  have a hard time achieving the desired result with the whitening strips  as they do not conform to these teeth accurately. Bleaching trays are  fabricated at your dental office from impressions taken of your teeth.  These customized trays cover all of your teeth completely. You will then  be given bleaching material and can expect to see results in a  typically case in 1-2 weeks. In office bleaching is the most expensive  method and is typically completed in one appointment and as such is an  instant way to achieve a bright smile.BookmarkBeauty, Dental Care, General Health

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