Muscle Building Tips For Beginners, From Zero to Hero

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Muscle Building Tips For Beginners, From Zero to Hero- Let’s get started with “weight training tips for beginners”; It has become increasingly noticeable that more and more guys are taking the initiative of wanting the Brad Pitt (Troy) body or more recently Taylor Lautner (Jacob; that werewolf in Twilight) with that 8 pack and perfect body he has.

Muscle Building -Tips For -Beginners, From- Zero to Hero

Weight training or wanting to be the bigger man is instinct for “US” guys and it’s inbuilt that to be the leader of the pack we have to be bigger and stronger. Lets face it we are animals/ primates and we feel the need to dominate the competition to win the girl across the bar or win at sports against our fellow man or just that feeling of winning to boost our fragile egos.

Whereas weight training for women is an entirely different scenario to deal with; unless you’re a woman packing some major Testosteronein her system or LOVES being the man in a relationship. The majority of women just want that sexy toned model look to their body while being a strong independent woman that doesn’t need a man to open a jar of Vegemite.

Weight training is a broad term in the context of things. This article will have Weight Training Tips and cover the basics of weight training and probably focus on the preparation aspects to weight training before diving into the exercises and programs. I’ll focus on getting STRENGTH, TONING, MUSCLE GAIN in my next article of weight training.

1)      Join the Gym as most of the weights, equipment, things needed for weight training are located in your gym. Also investing in a personal trainer will help with you achieving your necessary goals.

2)      Motivation is key to weight training with the ability to constantly improve from week to week. By now you have probably noticed that I use the words constantly and improve a lot and I will keep on saying that until those words have been pounded/ drilled into your brain.

–   I would recommend if being alone at the gym or at home and you lack motivation, to either have a partner with preferably similar goals and ideals so they can provide that extra motivation each time. Also having a trainer weekly or for the first few sessions will give you the information needed to take that next step or give you an incentive to keep on going as they monitor progress and keep you in check.

3)      You’re Diet/ food plan is important when weight training and knowing the right types of food to eat will help your ability in getting fitter, stronger and bigger. Try and eat mostly protein based food groups when weight training. Protein helps in the recovery process of muscle building because doing weights causes “micro traumas” to the specific muscle being trained.  I’ll give an example at the end of article on a food plan while weight training.

4)      Rest is just as important as the previous points mentioned above in weight training and weight loss. It takes about 2-3 days for that muscle group to recover; therefore you shouldn’t train the same muscle on consecutive days as it might cause injury and derail your program. Getting the minimum 8 hours sleep will give better results and 8 hours rest ensures the maximum time for muscles to repair, build and get stronger.

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In today’s society people seem to only get 6 or even less hours of sleep for reasons such as work, stress, alcohol, television and the list go on. However to achieve your desired goals, sacrifices have to be made and hard work is involved if you want to achieve strength or muscle gain. 8 hours sleep isn’t much to ask and the results will show if you stick to my guidelines and plans.Suggested healthy eating for weight training:

Meal 1

                Protein Shake:

1 glass        of light milk

6        table spoons of oats, 1 table spoon honey

2        slices paw paw

1        table spoon of WPI (Whey Protein        Isolate)

25gm        of Silken Tofu

1        banana

   Meal 2

2        rice crackers

Tuna,        avocado


500ml        of water

                Meal 3

Chicken        or red meat

Brown        rice

Green        vegetables

Salad        and a Litre of water

Meal 4

2  boiled eggs


Brown        Bread

                Meal 5

Grilled        Fish or Chicken

Green        vegetables

Muscle Building Tips For Beginners, From Zero to Hero- Fruit and 500ml of waterNote: You can mix what you eat on different days when concentrating on cardio exercises with some meals being replaced by carbohydrates such as having pasta or cereals instead of just meat dishes

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