Men and women both have emotional, physical and intellectual sides to explore

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Men and women both have emotional, physical and intellectual sides to explore- Filed under: Emotional Well being & Mental Health,Fitness,Fitness Tips,Health,MiscellaneousWHEN does a man seek help? Ask any male this question and he will tell you that he is unlikely to ask for directions until he has spent a good amount of time in search of his own solution. It’s only when he is pushed against a wall that he will send out a distress call. This situation seems to be arising more frequently these days. Guys are grappling with demanding jobs that leave them barely any time for themselves, troubled relationships and a huge amount of daily stress.
Men and women both have emotional
There’s no getting away from the fact that living in today’s world requires far more emotional intelligence and right brained thinking than it did a decade ago. Logic can only help you to a point, beyond which creativity and emotion really count. It’s this realisation that seems to be driving more men to exploring mind body therapies.

Males are also beginning to feel the need to be more whole as people. Men and women both have emotional, physical and intellectual sides and want an integrated self rather than the one sidedness they live with.

Men also feel that they need to focus on themselves not merely as providers, but as multi faceted beings who can create a life that includes delving into the delicious mystery.Besides helping them get in touch with their own emotions, alternative therapies also help guys relate to others’ emotions.

Allen mofer, a trainer of emotional freedom technique (EFT), and Rebirthing feels he has acquired a great deal of emotional intelligence after his foray into mind body healing over a period of 11 years. “Till my early 20s, I used to think emotions were illogical hindrances. This created conflicts in my relationships with people. Over the years I have attained a deeper level of awareness and acceptance of my own emotions which has changed my relationship with myself and others,” he explains. CHANGING ROLES

THE willingness of many to relinquish some masculinity is evident from the changing roles of men in other areas of life too.

Look around and you will find men doing things which were considered female domain, right from cooking for the family to babysitting.

Men also invest more money in their personal appearance and get beauty treatments and massages.

Younger men are especially willing to explore.
Neil Quraishy went through a tough phase four years ago when his love relationship broke up.

Brought up in the orthodox Christian tradition, he had no idea about the new kinds of therapies and healing techniques that existed outside religion.
“I wanted to get my mind off the pain I was going through and the session offered an escape route,” he recalls. Based on the concept that our body has the inherent ability to heal itself through natural means, Pranic healing tackles emotional issues by correcting the balance in energy fields around the body. “It sounded very ambiguous at first but I was determined to try it anyway. It’s nothing short of a miracle that it helped me sort through my emotional mess. Most guys generally deal with a break- up by not really dealing with it. They either insulate themselves and turn into playboys or become an emotional wreck. This is an emotional reaction rather than a response based on understanding your emotions.

It’s not just men but also therapies that have undergone a transformation and are much more appealing to the rational male brain.Earlier, these therapies were taught by instructors who weren’t very smart. Now there is a whole new breed of trainers who are market savvy and can explain the therapies in a much more logical way. For instance, explaining EFT by saying that you work on acupressure points make it look more believable.

There are Facebook groups, videos on YouTube besides mouth to mouth publicity which is increasing the acceptability of these therapies.QUICK FIX

NEW- AGE therapies are being marketed as quick fixes for everything, making them attractive to men who are always short on time.Some newage therapies offer quick and permanent results which older methods such as meditation don’t do.

There is also a growing disillusionment with allopathy and energy therapies are providing a reliable alternative.Some men discover new therapies through the wellness workshops organised by their employers.

Corporate firms are still male dominated and men are eager for these sessions. Though they start with the idea that they need a quick and cost- effective solution to their problem, many of them go beyond healing and turn into seekers.

They learn one therapy after another, nibble on books and go on spirituality vacations.

It’s widely accepted that people working in the corporate sector face work- life imbalance and are in search of a solution for stress relief.Most new- age therapies also rely heavily on the concepts of affirmations and law of attraction, which are the highly read and followed topics of our times. The fact that more men are reading such books makes it easier for them to relate to these therapies. LONG WAY TO GODESPITE this, it would be wrong to say that men have suddenly started dropping their scepticism towards alternative therapies.

Therapists say that men are also less willing to share their personal issues.Though they are more willing to explore, men still come forward with a lot of hesitation and are not as receptive as women.

They take a lot of time to open up and share their life. They also come at a very late stage after fighting it out by themselves. On the other hand, women are willing to seek help much earlier.

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