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Mediterranean Diet Plan- Today the risk of heart attack is compounded by many of the food choices that people make. Processed foods are fat and sugar loaded and unhealthy. The lack of proper nutrition combined with inactivity places quite the strain on the heart. A Mediterranean diet plan will help a person live a healthy lifestyle.
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In the fast pace world of quick and easy, the people’s health is taking a nose dive. In fact, eating healthy is not as time consuming as people might think. Simple changes to diet like adding more fiber rich vegetables and fruits are easy, healthful steps that produce great results.

For a few years now it has come to light that Mediterranean people live healthier, longer lives. Many have wondered what their secret is. Their secret is really no secret at all. They eat less red meat, more fish, and plenty of fresh vegetable and fruits.
They use olive oil instead of animal fat for cooking and flavoring their pastas and breads. Fresh grown herbs and spices have taken the place of salt and butter. Their food is loaded with omega-3 fatty acids instead of bad cholesterol. Instead of a handful of processed potato chips, they grab carrots or a handful of almonds.

Bread is a staple of their diets, but it is made from whole grains and eaten plain. For variety, they use flavored olive oil to dip it in. Fish is a main entrée instead of red meat. They consume up to nine servings of vegetables and fruit’s per day, which are packed with antioxidants.

Pasta is made with whole grain flour and cooked in water. Rich red tomato sauces are prepared without saturated fats and flavored with fresh herbs. They drink plenty of water and limit the use of alcohol. While a glass of red wine is not forbidden, it is usually taken in moderation.

Another plus to this way of eating is that people of the Mediterranean have fewer instances of cancer as well as heart disease. They also know the importance of getting adequate exercise. Plenty of rest, healthy food and exercise help keep these individuals in good health.

If a person is trying to be health conscious, adopt the use of fresh fruits and vegetables along with more fish and less red meat. Practice with fresh herbs and spices to find the right combination of flavors to suit the food prepared. Switch to low fat dairy products and use olive oil or canola oils instead of butter or margarine. Do not forget to include daily exercise and get plenty of rest. This is the secret to the Mediterranean diet plan, which is also the blue print for a healthier body.

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