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Meal Plan For Weight Loss Bodybuilding. Every bodybuilding beginner should know that there is no shortcut in fat loss. There is no weight loss meal plan for bodybuilding beginners in this World that can destroy your fat in 3 weeks. Also, sticking to protein shakes and other supplements, while having one or two descent meals per day is just not going to work. Supplements are supplements Canada!. They can never replace a real meal.

Meal -Plan For- Weight Loss- Bodybuilding

Here are some of the main things every beginner should know when it comes to nutrition for fat loss.


Having 5 smaller meals per day is better that having 3 bigger meals. Having 7 small meals per day is better than having 5 meals. The more often you eat, the faster your metabolism will become.


Most of individuals train between 10 A.M. and 6 P.M. Then it’s simple to learn when to stop eating carbs if you’re one of these. Carbs are vital, but their effect is better in case you take these in the early hours, before and following work out. Carbs give energy to you and they need time to work, therefore it creates no sense to eat cereals, bread or some rice at night, when the body rests and prepares for sleep.


There’s insufficient space in this essay to spell out how water will assist you in a lot of ways. It helpful in the event the water is colder when losing fat.

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This is a meal plan that’s, I think, ideal for someone who needs to lose some fat and only began training. It’s not a plan that is rigorous. Every meal could be replaced, for instance, spinach rather than broccoli, brown rice rather than white rice, etc.



1st meal at 8:00am – one bowl oatmeal and 3 eggs

2nd meal at 10:00m – 40g white rice and 120g white meat

WORKOUT at 12:00pm

Post Workout Meal – protein shake

3rd meal at 2:00pm – 40g white rice, one bowl broccoli and 140g fish

4th meal at 4:00pm – one cup cold milk with cinnamon and a few almonds

5th meal at 7:00pm – lettuce and spinach salad with olive oil

6th meal at 9:00pm – casein or protein shake

Meal Plan For Weight Loss Bodybuilding- Resting Days


1st meal – 100g semolina (cooked in milk) with cinnamon

2nd meal – 60g brown rice and 140g chicken

3rd meal – 100g fish and 2 peppers

4th meal – 140g seafood and broccoli with olive oil

5th meal – casein or protein shake and a spoon of peanut butter

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