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Meal and Diet Programs: Juice Master- The Juice Master diet from Jason Vale is a relatively simple diet that proposes to swap meals for fresh juice and combines a diet plan and detox in one. The program also includes exercise and lifestyle changes to help lose weight and burn fat.

The entire program is American in style. It’s in your face, “motivational,” a little preachy and very promotional. But, if you can ignore those aspects, it’s a good diet to try if you’re up for a real change to your lifestyle.The Effectiveness of Juice Master

Meal and Diet -Programs Juice- Master

The Juice Master diet professes to help you shed 7lbs in 7 days. While results differ between people, it has had lots of positive feedback, including some celebrity endorsements.

The diet involves swapping some meals for juices and Vale conveniently has a juice recipe book for just that. Many of the juices are delicious and some not so much. It’s a subjective thing, like any diet plan. It’s just a case of finding the ones you like and inventing new ones.

The Juice Master plan does seem to work if you keep it up. Vale predicts detox symptoms on day 2, which is true as your body craves caffeine, sugar and all that other good stuff. Get through that and it seems plain sailing from there.The Long-term Effectiveness of Juice Master

The effectiveness of any weight loss plan is dependent on how closely to stick to it. The Juice Master is no different. Stick to the plan, drink your juices, increase your levels of exercise and you will see weight loss benefits. If you can maintain the momentum over the longer term then the weight will stay off.

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The long-term advantage of Juice Master is in the ease of juice making. If you have a smoothie maker or juicer making them is much easier than the meals of other diet plans. That makes it easier to live with and continue living with.What We Think of Juice Master

Jason Vale is English, but to read his books you could be forgiven for thinking he was one of those America motivational speakers. His style is a little in your face, a little preachy and he wastes no opportunity to promote his products.

Meal and Diet Programs: Juice Master- Despite all that, Juice Master is a solid diet plan built on good foundations. The combination of fresh fruit and vegetables plus exercise is one that will pay dividends with weight loss whether you follow this diet or not. The Juice Master merely packages it all up into a coherent whole convenient for modern life.

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