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Keeping Fit As You Age, Most people see growing old as experiencing more aches and pains, and a progressive loss of bodily functions such as loss of vision, hearing, memory, sexuality, muscle tone and strength and physical appearance.

One issue of long life is genetic and not much control in that. If your parents have lived a long life, than you are likely to be predisposed to live an equally long life too. Most of us dont want to hear about things we cant control so decide now to do something about your fitness level that you do have some control over.

Keeping- Fit As -You -Age

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Unfortunately there is no magic pill or fountain of youth that can reverse the aging process or return us to our youthful past. Rather than following fantasy, or wishful thinking it is better to apply healthy practices to our lives to help us keep our bodies fit.

Yes, the aging body can stay fit with good nutrition, daily exercise, proper rest and healthy habits.

You can rob time of some of the aging process by providing your body with the ammunition it needs to stay healthy such as a balanced diet that includes five servings of fruits and vegetables each and every day and also by getting regular exercise. It is important to check with your doctor before starting a new exercise program and to go for regular physical check-ups.

Practice healthy lifestyle habits like not smoking, avoiding alcohol altogether or if you must indulge do so in moderation. Always wear your seatbelt and do all you can to minimize falls in the home by using non-slip surfaces, handles in showers and tubs and by not cluttering stairs.

It is vital that seniors remain active through participating in community projects, volunteering their talents and time to worthy causes, and interacting with others in the community on a regular basis.

Live a life that is full of positive vibes by being courteous to those you meet and wear a smile. You will be surprised at how many return your smile making your day brighter. Looking at life with a positive attitude invites more positive to come your way.

Keeping Fit As You Age, Remember to do a little bit of kind of exercise every day or up to half an hour of exercise approved by your physician. Take exercising gradually and slowly develop to higher amounts just as much as the human body is able to take. Always pay attention to your own body and stop in the event that you feel pain or discomfort. Select an exercise or physical action you will love. Walking, yoga, hiking, gardening, golfing and swimming are good examples of exercise great for seniors.

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