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How To Lose Belly Learn how to lose belly fat by following a few easy tips from Dr. Travis Stork’s new book “The Lean Belly Prescription”.  The number on the scale will shrink along with your waist if you take these few tips to heart.  And nothing says healthy better than a flat, sexy stomach.

How- To Lose -Belly Fat

Never Go on a Diet  Have you ever been on a diet?  Of course you have – we all have!  But here is the thing…Diets are difficult to stay on for long periods of time.  Likewise for counting calories.  Dr. Stork says focus on eating great tasting, belly-filling foods that will keep you satisfied so you won’t be likely to overeat.  These foods contain: trim chicken and Whole grain cereal, oatmeal, green tea, tuna, salmon, apples, walnuts.

find additional foods that burn belly fat now.Eat Simply  Next time you are in a grocery store, picku up any boxed food and read the label.  Chances are, it will have a few ingredients you recognize and a whole bunch you don’t.  These are the chemical additives that food scientists have cooked up to prevent spoilage.  The problem is they also mess with your bodies natural taste and appetite regulators.  The solution?  No labels.  Spend your time shopping the perimeter of the store.  Dairy, meat, produce sections are a skinny gals best friend.

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Another great resource to learn how to lose belly fat is the Abs Diet for Women which is one of my favorite books.Eat More Often If you want to know how to lose belly fat…this tip will get you further than almost any other.  Why?  You will be managing your body’s energy needs all day.  This way you will never get too hungry and you will keep the metabolic fires burning.  Also, if you slack off food, even for a few hours, you are likely to get too hungry and overeat. So here you go…eat every three hours starting with breakfast.

A study from the University of Massachusetts Medical School found that people who skip breakfast are four and a half times more likely to be obese than those who make time for it.  Dr. Oz agrees! See more tips from Dr. Oz.    Eating often with a good mix of protein, fiber, carbs and fat will also keep you from ever feeling too hungry. Drink Lots…of Water If you are the average American you drink nearly 450 calories per day.  That right there is enough to “grow” yourself a nice spare tire.  These calories come from not only soda but bottled smoothies, tea and juices that are promoted as “healthy”.

They are not healthy and they add to your belly fat.  Here is any easy way to get enough water;  drink a glass when you first wake up, one before lunch and at your mid-afternoon snack then again around 8 pm.  If you are counting on that Coke, Dr. Stork says swap it for coffee with milk.  Bottom line for those wanting to know how to lose belly fat – Don’t drink your calories.

You will consume more calories
without the benefit of feeling full.Cook It Yourself After a long crazy day you may just be tempted to eat out.  Don’t do it!  You will lose alot, if not all, of the control of how much you eat.  Plates at resturants are bigger and carry more food than a few decades ago.  Also, while you can ask for special prepared food – you are still at the mercy of the restaurant.  Consider the benefits of gathering around the table with your family; people tend to linger longer over a home cooked meal and this has been linked to consuming fewer calories overall.HIIT  Although not mentioned in this book, a great way to burn fat is by doing High Intensity Interval Training.  This is where you go a bursts of speeds followed by a few minutes of recovery.  Just doing 20 minutes of HIIT is as effectives as an hour long “steady state” cardio sesssion.

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