Healthy Snacks For Kids

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Now a day’s every mother has a major problem in maintaining the food habits for her child. Nutritious food is extremely essential in maintaining and nourishing the body which ultimately helps in the growth. However it is often found that kids do not take their food accordingly which creates a hindrance in their growth. It is generally noticeable that some kids do take only a selective number of food items and that too in small quantities while rejecting the others.

In the recent past appetite for junk food has overtaken the healthy meal categories and hence kids have grasped it with both hands. Street food coupled with confectionery items in various stores have been the choice for kids as it adds lots of delicacies and yummy ness with out adding too much nutrition.

Proper food habits are extremely necessary as kids are extremely pressurized due to the extracurricular activities like dance, music, and plays along with their studies. A healthy food habit should contain fiber, natural vitamins, and fructoses. It is often observed that kids do bring back their Tiffin’s from their schools and hence snacks for them do play a pivotal role as not only it fills the empty stomach but also it helps in developing the body.
Healthy Snacks For Kid
Fruit Salad
One of the prime items can be fruit salad which can be used as a snack for kids. Fruits do have fiber, water & vitamin c in them and hence when it gets mixed with cream and served to the kids it becomes an adorable dish which kids cannot avoid.

Sandwich Creating a sandwich with bread, cheese, boiled vegetables & slice of egg can be perfect snacks for kids who come back to their home after a rigorous day of school work. It hardly takes any time to prepare as all the ingredients are generally available in the house only.

 Fruit custard
Fruit custard is another yummy delicacy which is made in the form of an ice-cream and it brings smiles not only for the kids but also for older generations. It can be prepared with milk and fruits and serves the two-in one function of in taking milk as well as fruits which sometimes kids do not prefer.

Cheese Sandwich
Sometimes a preparation of ‘cheese sandwich’ can be made in the afternoon with ingredients like cheese and bread after kids come back from their school or from any other activities which requires physical strength.

 Cookies and muffins
Cookies and muffins can also be an alternative which parents can make for their child and it require ingredients that includes ‘oats’, ‘dry fruits’, ‘flour’ & nuts.

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