Getting Started on Real Life Weight Loss

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Getting Started on Real Life Weight Loss- It’s a big confusing world out there.  Lots of advice on how to exercise to lose weight.  What types to do:  Cardio/aerobics, strength training, intervals, low impact, etc.  Even whether you should exercise at all??

Getting Started on Real Life Weight Loss
Whoa!  Let’s just be real here.  Healthy fat loss includes some exercise and plenty of it.  NO short cuts here.  Yes, I have heard of HCG and Kevin Trudeau.  I know HCG works to help the body lose weight and if you are determined you can lose fat using his plan but it isn’t real life.  Real life is not eating 500 calories and injecting Pregnyl daily (if you can even get it).  And as you know, I am a proponent of “real life”.

Real life consists of eating plenty of good food in smaller meals throughout the day.  Real life means adding movement and exercise that at the very least mimics what our bodies are designed to do: walking, reaching, lifting, throwing, hauling, and so on.

Now, how you accomplish this real life type exercise is rather open.  But walking is probably something you will add to your real life exercise plan.  The goal here is to walk at least 20 minutes daily and up to 60 minutes.  You should be walking briskly enough to feel only slightly winded.  You should be able to talk in sentences without huffing.  That is a rule of thumb for moderate aerobic exercise.

To make it really “real” add a jog or sprint every so often.  Take off into a 30 to 60 second run so you get panting.  Then back it down to a walk.  Do the jog/sprint sprinkled throughout your walk.  This is what intervals are!

If you can’t do 20 minutes or even if you can’t make it past your mailbox, that’s OK!  Just make it to your mailbox today.  Tomorrow try to make it a bit further.  Make some progress each day.  Challenge yourself to go a bit farther.  Hey, your doctor already told you to lose weight or you’ll die, right?  So, go for it!

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