Getting Back to Sleep Dealing With Insomnia in the Moment

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Getting Back to Sleep  Dealing With Insomnia in the Moment- If you can’t get to sleep and you have a big commitment the next day, you need solutions, and you need them now. This moment. What options are available for an insomniac in the middle of the night?
Getting Back to Sleep Dealing With Insomnia in the MomentGet out of bed. It’s tempting to stay in bed and just keeping trying to force yourself to sleep, but you’ll probably just work yourself up more from all the trying. It may help you to consider falling asleep as being akin to landing a plane properly; if the landing doesn’t go as planned the first time, you may have to circle around and try to bring the plane in for a second try. You may have missed your body’s natural window of sleep opportunity, but by getting up and then going back to bed again, you may be able to get to sleep in thirty minutes or so.

Drink some warm milk. It’s true: warm milk will make you sleepy. If that idea makes you gag, try some decaffeinated tea such as Chamomile or Valerian tea with a touch of honey.

Do something that will relax you and possibly bore you. Keep the lighting soft and try an activity that makes you feel drowsy. Refuse to watch TV, play electronics, or work on your computer; the electronic stimulation will keep you up. Try to remain calm and quiet, doing something like reading or writing in a journal.

Make a plan. If you suspect your insomnia is linked to a concern or stress, trying writing out what you can do about it. Write long hand, and whatever you do, don’t send an email to anyone about the issue.

When you’ve exhausted all the possibilities, go back to bed and try to go to sleep. Get some rest!

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