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Fast Weight Loss Tips | Feeling fat or would like to get rid of several inches? You then should maintain reading. I’m planning to reveal you simple and quick weight reduction tricks that can let you lose the fat and provide you with the body you would like.

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Before you embark on this weight loss journey you need to understand that there are no lose weight fast diets that work.

Yes you can lose 12 lbs in a few days but it will be 90% water, and you know what, you’ll gain it right back.  If you want to get rid of that extra fat without the work then go see a plastic surgeon and get liposuction.

Dramatically speed up your metabolism and weight loss with these fast and easy weight loss tips.

Fast Weight Loss Tip #1:Put down those cupcakes.

My number one most important tip for everyone starting out, that is serious about losing weight, is to cut out the sugar.  If you want to start seeing dramatic changes around the waste and thighs then you must start here.  Don’t even waste your time with diets until you get your sugar cravings under control.

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Fast Weight Loss Tip #2:Drink Water

Water is one of the best appetite suppressants known.  A fast and easy way to start losing weight is by drinking a glass of water before each meal.  The added volume will fill up your stomach, causing you to eat less, and consume fewer calories.  If you want to lose weight faster then you need to drink water.

Fast Weight Loss Tip #3:Eat More Frequently

No, I didn’t say eat more food.  I want you to eat smaller amounts of food more frequently.  The best way to lose weight is by speeding up your metabolism and one surefire way to do that is to let your body know that it has a steady fuel source.  Losing weight is all about getting the body to burn more calories.  If it knows that it has plenty of fuel then it won’t worry about storing calories as fat.  Read Insulin: The Fat Hormone to understand why.

Quick Weight Loss Tip #4:Bust out the Metamucil

All should consume more fiber in your daily diet. Like water it will help to fill you up without all the extra calories. Make it a custom that when you go grocery shopping find out just how much fiber is inside and to look over the food label. In the event that you would like to see those pounds melt away add some fiber to all those meals.

Fast Weight Loss Tip #5:Lose the Scale

Do you walk around with your weight tattooed on your forehead?  Then why would you use it as a measure of how you look?

Your scale doesn’t read: skinny-just right-fat-OMG you’re hugeThen why do you care what your weight is?  You need to ditch the scale and start measuring your problem areas or better yet buy a body fat analyzer.  They have scales that measure your percent body fat, weight, and percent water.  Most body fat monitors even have built in trackers.  The question you should be asking yourself is do I want to weigh less or look better?

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