Exercise and Weight Loss: Build Muscle Fast Without Pills

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Exercise and Weight Loss: Build Muscle Fast Without Pills- Some people just can’t add muscle, no matter how hard they work out. Many will give up and some will try pills and other methods to add mass. We’re here to tell you that it is possible to build muscle without pills and anyone can add mass if they exercise properly and fuel their bodies sufficiently.

A Quick Lesson

Muscles build through use. As they are asked to deal with weights and movements they aren’t accustomed to, the muscle fibres tear. These tears are quickly repaired by the body. If those tears reappear, your body adds a little more muscle fibre to repair the tear more effectively, which gradually build up to make muscle mass.

Build -Muscle Fast- Without -Pills

This process is repeated for every part of the body by targeting each with a specific set of exercises that challenge the muscles within the groups. As long as you provide a challenge for each muscle and provide the nutrients it needs to grow, it will grow.

Multi-joint Exercise

Until recently, single joint exercises such as barbell curls and tricep extensions were the default for building muscle. Now we know that multi-joint reps are more effective. Exercises such as deadlifts, bench presses and squats are far more effective at building muscle. That’s why many mass building routines have shifted to this kind of exercise.

Try them to see how they work for you.Split Cardio and Muscle Building

If you’re trying to build muscle, it helps to have core fitness too. You can last longer, your body is used to working quickly to repair the body and move energy around. However, cardio and muscle building are at cross purposes and need to be separated to best benefit you.

Cardio uses calories as energy for your muscles to burn in order to move. Muscle building needs those calories to put into the muscles to build mass. They can’t do both at the same time. Cardio is essential for any regime, but it must be kept separate from muscle building and fuelled accordingly.

Get Heavy

Once you have core fitness and have been muscle building for a little while, it’s time to go heavy. Muscle builds quickest when it’s under the most stress. Using insufficient weight is one of the main reasons people don’t gain the mass they want. That’s why going heavy works.

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You need to be moving weight that results in failure by the last rep. That final lift has to be so painful that you sweat, gasp, or puff before lowering it and shaking off. Only then is the weight sufficient for maximum gains.


Your body needs carbohydrate for energy replacement and protein to build mass. If you’re building muscle, you need protein and plenty of it. However, you will also need carbs to transport the protein and help it get to work.

Exercise and Weight Loss: Build Muscle Fast Without Pills- Ensure you are eating enough food to fuel and that the food is balanced enough to provide the nutrients your body needs. Add milk to your diet if you can, then eggs, chicken and white fish. Once you have added those and are finding them not enough, add a protein supplement.

You won’t need supplements right away if your diet is good, however, once you get into moving weight, your protein requirement will increase. Only then will you get value out of a protein supplement.

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