Encouraging Hair Growth Without Steroids

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Encouraging Hair Growth Without Steroids. No one wants to begin losing their hair. But a lot of people who are in that situation are not happy with the idea of using hormone based products such as Propecia to stimulate hair growth. They would rather go a more natural route if possible. But is the more natural path realistic for baldness? Do non-hormonal products actually do the trick?
Encouraging Hair Growth Without SteroidsThere are a few techniques for stimulating hair growth that seem to work well. One is the compound minoxidil, which is found primarily in the product Rogain. Minoxidil was originally used as a blood pressure medication ironically enough, until it was found that minoxidil tablets caused the unwelcome side effect of hair growth all over the body.

Due to this minoxidil is usually applied topically and not taken in pill form. It encourages healthier hair growth as well as faster growth. Another natural product that encourages hair growth is black castor oil. There are lots of hair products that have begun to use black castor oil in their formula because it appears to contain particular nutrients the hair and scalp love.

You see, baldness is typically a mix of factors, and regularly, an unhealthy scalp is the root of poor hair growth. Black castor oil is reported to not only nourish the hair itself, but also the scalp. The scalp is a delicate region and can become unhealthy due to a lack of blood flow. Research has shown that absence of correct blood flow is at the root of a lot of baldness problems.

That’s the reason why another compound, nitric oxide, has been demonstrated to be effective in treating some sorts of hair loss. Nitric oxide widens the veins and arteries and encourages more blood flow in the body. Greater blood flow means more nutritional elements which can considerably improve the health of the scalp. Taking one or two of these three non-steroidal supplements might just do the job for you and help not only in growing healthier hair, but also boost the health of the scalp too.

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