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Deciding to Get Fit | Weight Loss and Diet Tips, The idea of getting fit for many of us is something that seems unreachable, an illusion or a dream. Those of us who have perhaps struggled with weight issues, or bad habits such as smoking or drinking alcohol to excess. We know we should get fit and then stay that way but somehow achieving fitness is out of our grasp. To those of us who desire fitness and feel that we will never be able to achieve a fit body there is hope. We dont have to get fit all at once. We can take it one step at a time. Make one small change in our life that will help us to be healthier. Here are just a few suggestions of ways to take small steps toward being fit.

Deciding- to Get- Fit

One favorite phrase of those who only dream of being fit is, Ill start tomorrow. You have to find motivation to get fit and shove that motivation in your face everyday. Getting fit needs to be a priority in your life. Many make the decision to get fit after they are told by a doctor that NOT getting fit will kill them soon. When you are told you have high blood pressure, high cholesterol or blocked arteries, the need to become fit suddenly is clear.

What are some of the steps you can take right now to become fit?

One step that you can make a commitment to is that of drinking more water each day. Decide just how much water you presently drink each day. If you dont drink any, then set your goal for drinking 3 glasses of water a day. You can drink a glass of water at each main meal. You can also drink one glass of water as soon as you rise in the morning (highly recommended), one in the afternoon and one sometime in the evening.

Nevertheless, it works for you personally, only get it done. In the event that you usually drink 3 glasses of water make your target to drink 5 glasses of water daily. Following a week of having the capability to reach your target readily raise the quantity of water you drink every day before you’re drinking at least 8 glasses of water daily. You need to drink more if you’re working out, or when it’s hot outside, particularly when you’re out in heat. For those who are in possession of a hard time drinking water try and drink it using lemon or with one teaspoon of honey (not sugar).

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Another step is to make a commitment to some kind of physical activity each day. You can do anything that gets your body moving such as taking the dog for a walk. Putting your young child in a stroller and pushing them to a neighborhood park, tossing a baseball or football with a friend or child, swim a couple of laps, play tennis with a buddy, do 30 minutes of continues housework, park your car in the farthest parking lot and walk to the entrance of the store or building, take the stairs instead of the elevator, or dance to your favorite music. Join a fitness program or exercise group in your community for companionship while you exercise. If you make exercising fun, you are more likely to continue doing it.

An easy step to take is to give your body the rest that it needs. Your body functions better if you have a regular time to get up and a regular time to go to sleep. Studies show that the average adult needs between 7 and 8 hours of good sleep every night. Try to minimize waking during the night by making your bedroom conducive to sleep (temperature, darkness, comfortable bed and pillows). Minimize any distractions like pets or noise if possible by closing windows and doors. Avoid eating in the 3 hours before going to bed and avoid caffeine or alcohol before going to bed.

Deciding to Get Fit | Weight Loss and Diet Tips, You can also get fit by doing this step that many people avoid and that is feeding your body the proper fuel it needs to be healthy such as vitamins and minerals that you get from fresh fruits and vegetables. Eat foods containing fiber. Avoid red meat or replace it with lean cuts of meat, chicken, and fish.

There you have them, several steps that you can take one at a time that will take you down the path for achieving a fit body. Take that first step and decide right now that you are going to get fit.

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