Can Weight Loss Surgery Treat Diabetes?Do I have symptoms of diabetes?

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Can Weight Loss Surgery Treat Diabetes?Do I have symptoms of diabetes?- Diabetes is a chronic disease. It causes serious complications if not treated at the early stages. More than 7 % of population is suffering from diabetes in the United States of America.Type 1 diabetes is caused because of the insufficiency of insulin in body. Insulin is produced by the islets cells of pancreas. If the body cells do not react with insulin then insulin is not used by cells thus type 2 diabetes comes into place.

Can -Weight Loss Surgery -Treat DiabetesDo I have -symptoms- of diabetes

Prescriptive drugs or insulin injections are used to keep the blood sugar level in a stable range. Still it is seen that diet and exercise plays a vital role in lowering down the blood sugar level, fat cells and thus control diabetes. Regular exercise and a balanced diet also brings down the damages caused to the body by diabetes.

In modern days the diabetics are also treated with the help of weight loss surgeries. It is thought that it is another tool to lower down the chances of diabetic complications. The weight loss surgeries are more helpful in treating type 2 diabetics especially if it is caused because of obesity. The patients who choose weight loss surgeries have a 5 fold greater chance of repelling diabetes compared to ones which are treated with other medications.  The treatment includes surgery for the weight loss and a management program for maintaining the lost weight.

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There are two types of weight loss surgeries. Gastric bypass and lap band. It was initially thought the lap band surgery will not be effective for the treatment of diabetes like the gastric bypass. The surgeons believed this because during lap band surgery there are some hormonal changes because of the stomach being stapled.

But after couple of years the lap-band became as popular and effective as gastric bypass. In lap band surgery the upper portion of stomach is tied with the help of silicone band. In gastric bypass a silicone band is used to divide the stomach into two parts. Both brings the weight loss as the body then absorbs fewer calories.

Can Weight Loss Surgery Treat Diabetes?Do I have symptoms of diabetes?- Around 84 % of type 2 diabetics are treated with gastric bypass surgery. The death ratio in gastric bypass surgery is 1 in each 200 whereas the ratio of death in lap band is 1 in each 2000. The later type of surgery has fewer side effects compared to the former one and could be safer. In gastric bypass the gallbladder has to be removed from the body.

Most of the times the diabetics prefer to go for the insulin or oral medications for the treatment of diabetes. The lap-band surgery abolishes the need of oral medication, insulin shots, dieting and exercising. As always, before undertaking any course of treatment, careful discussions with your health care practitioner are advised.

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