Autism Therapy Is a Lifetime of Work

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Autism Therapy Is a Lifetime of Work- Currently, there is no known to cure for autism known to man. Little is known about why it affects some people. Diagnosing autism can be a challenge because initially the disorder is taken as “bad – behavior “another corrective measures are applied. Some people believe that if autism therapy it started early in a child’s life, there is some hope for amelioration in some children. Still, for parents and caregivers of an autistic child, it can be a real challenge at the best of times.
Autism Therapy Is a Lifetime of Work
Autism can be a Very Painful Predicament for Parents
It can be very challenging as well as very painful for some parents to learn that their child is affected by autism. What makes this even more painful is the fact that there it is no cure yet for this disease and there are no guarantees that the future will bring some change.  Autism therapy basically involves a series of exercises to bring the child out of his or her world. However, many parents are disappointed when it seems that their child has a door that which they shut against the world and no one can seem the open it again regardless of what they do or say.

When autistic children shut the door and close themselves off from their environment, it can be very difficult to teach them because they stop observing and observation is an important tool for learning. What autism therapy involves is working around this obstacle through various approaches based on applied behavioral analysis.  However, progress can be very slow in many cases, simply because the child doesn’t react to their outside environment. Even with powerful reinforcement and encouragement – which in itself is a very powerful tool – does not apply in this case.

There Are Some Small Rays of Hope
There are cases of children with autism that have made a total transition.   With these cases, the autism therapy started when the children were very young, usually between two to three years old.  Such cases act as inspiration for both the parents and caregivers of the autistic child.  Unfortunately, the educational facilities available for autistic children are very limited and extremely expensive.  Obviously, this is very frustrating on the part of the parents with limited resources.

Most parents of these children opt for home schooling. In most cases, these parents find it easier to home school their autistic child, rather than fight the million and one obstacles they will encounter when they ask for state education facilities. Currently there is a shortage of specialist for autism therapy, which stacks the odds against these children.

However, not all is doom or gloom. There is a flicker of hope still. There are a number of cases showing that when autism therapy has been started at an early age, there has been a total turnaround where the child became almost normal.  Though nobody knows exactly how or why these turnarounds happened, it still does hold a glimmer of hope and promise for both the parents and the autistic child that there might be a potential cure somewhere down road.

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