3 causes of belly fat and what you can do to avoid them

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3 causes of belly fat and what you can do to avoid them, Belly fat can be defined as confirmation of an unhealthy lifestyle that involves:i) Getting an insufficient amount of exercise andii) Having an unhealthy lifestyle.In clinical terms, belly fat is referred as central obesity, which is more of an official terminology for the same. In the same platform, it is defined as any abdominal fat that has the result of increasing an individual’s waist size.

There are many causes of belly fat with one of them being the build-up of visceral fat. The build-up is what gives the appearance of an unattractive protruding and pronounced belly.

3 causes- of belly fat and -what you can do to- avoid them

Belly fat is undesirable due to the fact it can constitute a health risk as well as for superficial reasons. Health risks can be overshadowed by belly fat. Examples of such risk and conditions include Alzheimer’s disease, Insulin resistance, heart disease and high blood pressure.

The three major belly fat causes are as follows:


A sedentary lifestyle is the first cause of belly fat. This type of lifestyle can be defined as a lifestyle in which an individual fails to exercise at all or on an irregular basis. The biggest issue resulting from a sedentary lifestyle is that it can increase the chances of a person developing serious health problems, which can be prevented if the necessary steps are taken to do the same. If you happen to be a person who leads a sedentary lifestyle, you are increasing your chances of dying at a younger age. This can be effectively prevented by exercising regularly and / or moving more.

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The most common characteristics of a person living a sedentary lifestyle is sitting on the sofa and watching television for the better part of the day. The lifestyle is not only limited to watching television for long durations, but also using the computer too much or reading too much and any other activity that has no or minimal movement. Simply said, if you are not moving enough, you are living a sedentary lifestyle.

To guide against this kind of lifestyle, you must be more active. Engage in simple exercises, take a walk instead, if the distance you are covering is within walking distance rather than go in your car. Climb up the stairs rather than take the lift.


Another one of the well-founded belly fat causes is eating too much. Overeating will lead to an increase in weight which can in turn manifest itself in your waist’s expansion. This will particularly be the case if you do not get enough exercise every day. The simple principle of calories is the basis for weight gain. In essence, it is the result of taking too many calories without burning off enough to counteract the consumption. So you are sure to start developing belly fat when you lead a sedentary lifestyle, and you eat too much food.

Though the meal displayed in the photograph looks very attractive, there is inherent danger in the eating of these food items. These kinds of food give a lot of room for the “growing” of belly fat which is harmful to the body.


Genetics is one of the causes of belly fat that is tough to hear and understand as it entails not being able to do much to counter or prevent it. Genetics will have a role in determining where the fat is distributed in your body. It therefore practically relates to two different body types; pear shaped bodies and apple shaped bodies. Apple shaped bodies will mean the body has a tendency of storing fat around the midsection, hence the belly fat.

3 causes of belly fat and what you can do to avoid them, While you may not be able to alter your genetics, if you take the necessary steps mentioned in 1 and 2 above, this will go a long way in reducing the tendency of you having belly fat.

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